A natural Selfie

While clicking a selfie, when you see your smiling image on the mobile screen…

Just try to peep into your eyes, try to find out is that real you???

Or it’s just your illusion about yourself reflecting on your face?

You never want to see yourself as you are! You love to see your that image which is portrayed by you in your mind, isn’t it?  My question is “Why?”

Why people put lots of makeup? Why they make funny faces (which they think are making them more cute or photogenic)?

In short they try to run away from what they are..

I always feel the real portrait should reflect your personality, It should speak about, what you are without any description. In short, selfie should reflect your ‘Self ‘. But then question remains unanswered why make faces while clicking yourself??? Why to try to be extremely different from how you look?

Is that fear of rejection? If you have a fear of rejection then you must underline my statement ‘you dislike yourself’! Because every fear comes from within, it generates in your mind then rule your body. So never cheat other by making faces.. Just treat yourself by loving yourself!

Accept what you are. Next time while clicking a selfie try to make eye to eye contact with your image and say “Yes, I love you, the way you are” …then click and see the result. You will get a memorable selfie for sure!

Go click it, a most memorable selfie is awaiting you! ?

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  1. Snehal
    Snehal says:

    स्वत:ला आहे तसं accept करायला स्वच्छ निर्मळ मन हवं तुमच्यासारखं…..हल्ली नसतं फारसं कोणाकडे….आणि आसक्त गढूळ मन स्वत:च्या नजरेला तरी काय नजर देणार… त्यामुळे selfies बहुदा आत्मचौकटींएैवजी आत्ममग्न चौकटी असतात!

  2. Shilpa Khare
    Shilpa Khare says:

    डोळे दिसू देत की , गॉगल काढ फ़ोटो काढताना असं तू का म्हणतोस ते कळलं.
    स्वतः ला तर भेटत नाही रे आपण , स्वतःला पाहणं , निरखण,ओळखणं फार महत्वाचं आहे.
    “ज्याने ओळखले स्वतःस, देव तयास मिळो न मिळो रे”

    छान लेख

  3. Rucha dhawle patil
    Rucha dhawle patil says:

    Just i click a selfie .actually now i am wtih my friends in collage & also my friends are trying to click selfie , to see the real themselve.


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