Happy Birthday पंचमदा 27/06/2021

आधीच्या पिढीतील ज्या अफाट प्रतिभेच्या संगीतकारांचं काम पाहतांना गीतकार म्हणून उशिरा जन्माला आल्याची खंत सतत वाटत राहते ..R.D.Berman हे त्या यादीतील सर्वांत वरचे नाव 🙏🙏 Happy Birthday पंचमदा !

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  1. siddhi palande
    siddhi palande says:

    Gulzar sahab in his memoir writes, “Pancham used to grow variety of chillies….He would cross-breed different types and produce new kinds of chillies. Those who love his music not just by what they hear but by what reaches their soul will perhaps be able to appreciate this madness a little.” Had been a fan of his music but I got to know Pancham da a tad bit better bcz of Gulzar sahab, I feel.


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