Vithuhi Mauli – 10 May 2020 – Mothers Day

मातृदिन (१० मे २०२०)

विठूही माऊली
ज्ञानाही माउली
माय आसावली
त्यांचे ठायी
तैसे होण्या आई
देशील का दान
थोडे मायपण
– गुरू ठाकूर

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  1. Siddhi Palande
    Siddhi Palande says:

    I read this poem and I have been thinking about the words ever since. It reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s words. “All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does, that is his. – Oscar Wilde, The importance of being Ernest” The disappointment in his words and the request in yours. It connected for me. And then there’s Shashi Deshpande who writes – Women will never understand this, this don’t need to, they’re luckier; the day they become mothers themselves, they have repaid their debt, they are unburdened and free – in her book A matter of time. It’s true motherhood doesn’t come easy. Being a mother isn’t easy. And then how beautifully and concisely you have said the same!


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